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Justine Albete Organizing Aid for the Philippines
Posted On:
Monday, November 18, 2013
Mr. Pumphrey, Justine Albete, and Laura Santos
Mr. Pumphrey, Justine Albete, and Laura Santos

Update! Summerdale School raised over 260.00. The money was donated to the Red Cross to be used in Justine's home.

Hello!  My name is Justine Albete and I am a 4th grade student at Summerdale School.  I’m a Filipino.  I am from Samar Island in the Philippines; where the most powerful typhoon in recorded history hit last week.


Right now, there are tens of thousands of my fellow countrymen who are dead, homeless, hungry and thirsty and in dire need of clothing, food, water, shelter and medicine. 


I would like to humbly ask all of my classmates and teachers to please donate in order to help those in my country of the Philippines get past this great devastation.

Thank you for your help!



(Please scan this QR code to hear Justine appeal to us for a small donation to help his country!)

Habit 7 (Leader in Me)  teaches us to Sharpen the Saw helping us to remember to help others!  Summerdale School is proud to be a Leader in Me School!

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